AUTHOR: My Something TITLE: End My Pain STATUS: Draft ALLOW COMMENTS: 1 CONVERT BREAKS: 1 ALLOW PINGS: 0 PRIMARY CATEGORY: DATE: 6/05/2003 12:01:00 PM ----- BODY: This week has been chock full ‘o suck ass. I don’t really know what it is specifically; it’s just the whole shebang. I don’t think a list of 7 will pull me out of this web of funk. Everyday this week, I have been sleeping really weird. I go to bed sometime between 11:30 pm and midnight and wake up when my first alarm goes off at 6:30 am. But I just walk over to the dresser (if the clock were within arm’s length, I’d never get up.) and hit the snooze button. I do this every 10 minutes or so for an hour until I absolutely have to get up. I’m low-maintenance (ie. Don’t give a crap.) and only need a half-hour to get ready. I don’t really know how dreams work but it feels like I’m having a dream and then continue the dream between snoozes. I’m sure that’s not possible but that’s what it feels like. Tuesday night I had a weird dream that I was travelling with my sister. But my sister was still a child and didn’t really look like my sister. She was cuter in my dream. Ha! Any hoo, we were in a suite, kinda like on a cruise ship. I don’t really know, as I’ve never been on a cruise. But we weren’t on a ship or a train; we were on an airplane. And I think we were flying cross-country. Although I don’t remember the specifics of the dream, I do know that I thought it was a good one. I had another good and weird one last night too but can’t remember what it was all about. I’m sure after blogging about it, I’ll not have a good dream tonight. I watched the finale of Fraternity Life last night. I’d missed the last two episodes but I’m really glad I got to witness the end of this train wreck. If you missed it, try to catch it in reruns. Remodeled pledge house: $25,000. Fraternity Annual Dues: $1,500. Beer Pong Table supplies: $200. Steve being shocked and teary: 25 cents (call someone who cares, jackass). Tim grinding and macking on Jarreau with passionate glee: priceless. Oh, Uncle Bob is going to have a field day with this one. I also watched American Juniors. Not as funny as American Idol but still worth it for the stage parent factor. Oh and did you see that right after Ruben won AI2, he was saying in interviews that he wasn’t going to audition initially because he thought the show was “cheesy.” That is so fucking awesome. Ruben is going to be both the worst and best AI. A coworker is having a birthday get-together at a bar this Saturday night. I told her I would come and I wanted to. But then I look at the invitation and it’s at 10 pm. Plus, my ex-boyfriend will be there with friends and I hate dealing with that shit. So now, I don’t think I’ll go because I hate going out late alone and then the ex factor. What the hoo hah is wrong with me? I know I talk a big game most of the time but really, I’m such a wuss. ----- EXTENDED BODY: ----- EXCERPT: ----- --------