AUTHOR: My Something TITLE: Reloaded and Revved Up STATUS: Draft ALLOW COMMENTS: 1 CONVERT BREAKS: 1 ALLOW PINGS: 0 PRIMARY CATEGORY: DATE: 4/14/2003 10:39:00 AM ----- BODY: So did anyone else see the full length trailer for The Matrix Reloaded yesterday? If you missed it, check it out here. Also take the time to look at the other spots; the Japanese one is good too. Another movie I'm really excited to see (but for different reasons) is Shaolin Soccer. This one looks HILARIOUS! Basically a kung fu soccer movie with great special effects. It was made a few years back and released elsewhere in 2001. It will be in the states this summer, sometime in August. Here's the trailer. ----- EXTENDED BODY: ----- EXCERPT: ----- --------