AUTHOR: My Something TITLE: Fugly STATUS: Draft ALLOW COMMENTS: 1 CONVERT BREAKS: 1 ALLOW PINGS: 0 PRIMARY CATEGORY: DATE: 4/10/2003 01:42:00 PM ----- BODY: Again with the reality shows. MTV obviously didn't know what they were getting into when they recruited a sorority and a fraternity at University of Buffalo (soon to be dubbed Land of the Fugly). Nearly every one of the characters (I have a hard time believing that these are real people acting like real assholes) is horrendous in every way. Let's start with the chicks of DZO. Last night, there was a 2 minute montage of pure ugly. I never realized how physically unattractive some of these girls are until this moment. And I'm not talking about their bodies, it's their heads. Most of the time their faces are contorted into some kind of condescending snarl. And one of the girls actually had long bleached, permed hair that she had put mousse on while it was wet and let it air dry. Which if you didn't know, is a look that went OUT in 1987. Perhaps it's a cry for help but for me, it was a cry of put-her-out-of-her-misery. And her face resembled the fat, bloated uncle from Dune. I know this may not seem fair considering I'm a woman and a large one at that and therefore, typically judged by society as ugly. And yes, I did notice that the sisters and pledges of DZO represent the wide range of body type/mass. So let me give a shout out to the pledgemaster (can't be bothered to remember names) who is a fellow big girl but she has a great face, fabulous hairstyle and knows how to work what she got. But the worst of the ugly is Maggie or Manipulative Cunt as I screamed twice at the TV. Seriously, if I were her watching this now, I would kill myself. I know MTV is freaky with the editing but seriously, they couldn't make up her scheming shit. She has the nads to call someone ugly when she is average at best and then has one of the most repulsive personalities I have been witness to. Bitch, please. Looks like she's gonna get it next week and that's the only reason I'll remember to watch. Now onto Fraternity Life with the pledges of some fraternity that I could care less about. I love the reviews by Uncle Bob at TWOP. Hilarious!!! So I won't even try to give it a shot here. But if you want to see the evolution of asshole to supreme asshole, watch this show and focus on Tim. Last week he was "dating" one of the DZO pledges who I dislike and thought she didn't deserve him (he's the most reasonably attractive pledge). I don't think they are dating anymore and I'm thankful because I wouldn't wish Tim on my worst enemy or my worst enemy's dog. Oh, and if you want to see the evolution from asshole virgin to asshole non-virgin, catch a rerun and see nightvision camera clips of Earl getting it on with a stripper. Yes, folks, that's right, I said a stripper. A Land of the Fugly stripper, mind you but a stripper nonetheless. And you know how I know she's a stripper? Because every 5 fucking seconds Earl or Tim or one of the other many frat-holes refer to her as a stripper. Hey guys? Strippers have feelings too and not just in her special places. Fuckwads! Work is so darn boring today. Thank goodness for reality TV. Snark! ----- EXTENDED BODY: ----- EXCERPT: ----- --------