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  1. She is so stylish, trendy and a smart shopper.
  2. In movie land, I would be the stocky smartass sidekick (my Janeane Garofalo to her Winona Ryder) but she doesn't make me feel like a sidekick.
  3. She paid good money to learn to knit but taught me for free.
  4. Michele doesn't mind playing the "I'd Do Him" game and most of the time, we pick the same guys.
  5. She's supportive of me and this site and comments every chance she gets. When I asked her to guest post yesterday to recap our weekend, she seemed genuinely interested. She was strapped for time though.
  6. Michele is my first real girlfriend; all my other friends are boys. Ick!
  7. You know how some women are competitive with each other? We're not like that.
  8. Michele knows all my dirty, horrible secrets and irritating idiosyncrasies and she still wants to be my friend.
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