AUTHOR: My Something TITLE: It's only Tuesday?!?! STATUS: Draft ALLOW COMMENTS: 1 CONVERT BREAKS: 1 ALLOW PINGS: 0 PRIMARY CATEGORY: DATE: 1/14/2003 02:08:00 PM ----- BODY: It feels like it should be Thursday or Friday. Might be because I only really had one day to myself this weekend. Saturday I spent the day in Woodbridge with Michele. She took me all around to buy stuff, thus saving me the exorbitant Manhattan prices. It was awfully nice of her. Last night I saw Chicago (the movie, not the show). See here for more details. Yesterday, I sent Perrin a care package. He should get it tomorrow or Thursday. He's back at UPenn for his second semester. He hates it there and the outlook isn't good that he'll stay there after his first year. I'm being incredibly pessimistic about it because I really don't want him to leave. His being in Philly has been good for our friendship. We talk more and see each other about once a month. I kinda didn't see him or his brother much for the 2 years before I left North Carolina and I feel bad about that. But Perrin has to make the choice to go or stay for himself. He's not happy but I don't think he wants to be. If he said to me "Patti, I want to start a band with Billy. I'm going back to NC and going to (Duke, Caroline, etc.) so that I can be near him." I would be so cool with that. If he had a goal, an objective of any kind, I would support him 150% but seriously, he's pretty aimless. Which I suppose is normal for 18 year-olds. I wouldn't know exactly since I was pretty goal-oriented in high school and college. I guess until he figures out what he wants, he should stay put (how very passive agressive of me). He has a film class that he's really excited about this semester so maybe things will look up. ----- EXTENDED BODY: ----- EXCERPT: ----- --------