AUTHOR: My Something TITLE: STATUS: Draft ALLOW COMMENTS: 1 CONVERT BREAKS: 1 ALLOW PINGS: 0 PRIMARY CATEGORY: DATE: 12/30/2002 04:20:00 PM ----- BODY: Circadian Rhythm I was going to wait until later to post but wasn't sure if I would be able. When I woke up this morning, my electricity was off. Don't get things wrong though; I know how to pay my bills. My stupid building has obviously been possessed by some terrible ghoul that insists on fucking with the power, electricity or elevator every other week. It's an absolute pain in the ass. I live on the top floor too so when the elevator is out, I get my aerobic exercise for the month. Sure, I'm only on the 5th floor but if you aren't expecting it and come home with packages or groceries, it's a nightmare. Oh well, what are you going to do? I haven't made an issue of it since I sublet from someone who owns the apartment but it's getting a bit old. I just wish the super were more responsive. I feel like I should get a least the courtesy of calling back or following up when he says he will. I've only been in the building for 6 months so I thought this was the norm but have since been told that things are going down hill. I hope they go back up and soon. ----- EXTENDED BODY: ----- EXCERPT: ----- --------